About Dee Jordan

Simply Marvelous and Well Blessed!

Dee Jordan is an ambassador for Christ aspiring to be a best-selling author, spreading the word of God while helping someone along the way to increase their knowledge, wisdom and understanding. Her messages are so vividly composed and picturesqued to the point that you can understand and see your negatives turn into positives before your very eyes almost instantaneously.  Within the flow of her writing and elegance of her prose lies Dee's unique power to help readers understand the powers they possess  through the vigor and sheer beauty of her words and explanations

My Inspiration

My sister, Garnett Bledsoe Steele

This book is dedicated in memory of Dee's sister, Garnett BLedsoe Steele, who lost her life to ALS, (The Lou Gehrig's Disease) in November 2003.  One December morning, the Holy Spirit spoke to Dee and said, "I want you to write for me".  Although she was reluctant at first, she knew the Lord wanted her write this Christian- based book in hopes of helping others. She was to tell of her journey of caring for her sister, Garnett as well as the methods used to ease her pain throughout this disease.  Learn successful techniques and how to live with this un-curable disease by purchasing your book today.